Monday, August 13, 2012

A Real Conversation? Yeah, Not so Much

Shortly after the news of the Paul Ryan VP Pick broke, MN District 5 Republican Congressional Candidate Chris Fields had this to say on Twitter:

@FieldsFor5thCD: Good job with the VP pick. We can now have a real conversation about the future of our country. (link)

Many others had similar sentiments- now we can have an adult conversation, now we can focus on issues, the silly season is over, etc, etc, etc.

With all due respect to Chris and the other optimists out there who are engaging in wishful thinking- you’re giving your opponents way too much credit.

It didn’t take too long to see what Chris’ opponent Keith Ellison, and Keith’s Campaign Manager William Hailer think a “real conversation” looks like:

@EllisonCampaign: Romney’s VP pick sends unmistakable message to the American people that if you fall on hard times, you’ll be on your own. RT if you agree. (link)

@wrhailer: So we got outsourcing, hide my money in foreign banks Mitt, and sorry grandma you don’t deserve social security Ryan. #winning (link)

@wrhailer: the Ryan budget: gut social security, destroy public sector, and blame nurses, teachers and firefighters. #obama2012 (link)

The last few days have seen an onslaught of what the Democrats think a “serious conversation” looks like.  Joe Biden told an audience Romney/Ryan would put them back in chains.  The President himself is talking about Romney’s old dog.

It’s clear we won’t be having a serious, adult conversation. At least not if the Democrats can help it.  We’ll be focused on tax returns, dogs, and pushing grandma’s wheelchair off a cliff. That’s when we’re not accusing Mitt Romney of giving people cancer of being a felon.

People who say there’s no difference between political parties just aren’t paying attention.

I agree with Mitt Romney- it’s time for Barack Obama to get his campaign out of the gutter so we can have a serious conversation.  I just won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

Disclaimer: I hold a volunteer staff position with Chris Fields for Congress. The opinions expressed here are my own.