Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Legislative Correspondence: Ann Rest on Her Failure to Vote

Yesterday the DFL controlled Minnesota Senate failed to pass the DFL Tax Bill on the first try. The initial vote failed 34-32.

After the vote failed, the DFL went into a private caucus meeting, and the vote magically passed the second time 35-31.  The reason that was given for needing to vote again was that my Senator, Ann Rest, failed to vote in the first round. 

Or so I thought until I watched this video, which clearly shows that Rest did in fact vote initially, but for some reason cleared her vote off the board.

Rest clearly was able to vote, but chose not to, and allowed the Senate to re-vote on the measure based on the implication that they had to re-vote because she wasn’t able to the first time.

I contacted the Senator about this (and I encourage you to do the same).  Her response was… less than adequate.


Senator Rest, I am very concerned about your actions yesterday during the vote on the Senate tax bill.  You clearly had plenty of time to vote, but you allowed the motion to be reconsidered on the false notion that you did not.  In fact, you initially did vote Yes, but later removed your vote.  There is video evidence of this fact.

You owe the citizens of your district an explanation on this shameful and dishonest behavior. Although we do not agree on many issues, you have until now conducted yourself in a professional and honest manner.

Your display yesterday was disrespectful to the citizens of District 45 and the rest of Minnesota.

What do you have to say for yourself?


Mr. Kolb,

When I observed Republican senators who has spoken in no uncertain terms about their opposition to the Senate tax bill voting green initially on the bill, I smelled chicanery and went off the board waiting for there to be 34 DFL yes votes on the board. We expected no GOP votes, but thought Sen Senjem might vote for it out of consideration for the Mayo project.  If you were watching , you noticed this as well. I suggest you ask Sens. Petersen, Gazelka, Thompson and Hall why they kept switching their votes. I am sure they will give you a principled response. Their gaming this bill disappointed me. The Senate  president wasn’t counting DFL votes as carefully as I was and closed the board before I could go back up green.  She later apologized to me both privately and publicly from the rostrum.

Ann Rest

I sent the Senator another response.  I’ll update if she responds.