Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ruling Out Zellers

A few weeks ago I wrote about the state of the Governor's race from my perspective as an undecided voter (and GOP State Delegate).  At that time I had ruled out supporting Jeff Johnson, for reasons I will expand on soon.

Unfortunately today I need to also rule out supporting Kurt Zellers.

I'm not a single issue voter- far from it actually.  I think there should be room under the proverbial big tent for a variety of viewpoints on most issues. However there are a handful of issues that would make me rule out a candidate, and supporting National Popular Vote (NPV) is one.

Zellers gave an interview on the Up & At Em show this morning where he came out in support of NPV.

I won't go into why NPV is such a terrible idea.  Instead I will direct you over to Mitch Berg's blog to read his recent post called "Kill National Popular Vote With Greasy Fire"

What is so unfortunate about Zellers' embrace of NPV is that he is actually one of the best communicators we have on our side.  He gives a great interview, and he is quite likeable.

But NPV is an idea that is so bad, and so potentially destructive, that support of it is a disqualifier for me.