Friday, December 14, 2012

David Hann: Step up or step down

I was at the MNGOP State Central Meeting last weekend, which also served as the unfortunate unveiling of the Draft Senator David Hann for Governor movement.

Hann, if you recall (and you should, considering it was very recent), was just elected to be the minority leader of the MN State Senate.  Flash forward a few weeks and he’s at SCC being tailed by a video camera while we’re all greeted at the door by a guy in a “Draft Hann” T-Shirt.

Hann’s team will have you believe that the Senator had no idea this was coming, despite his son being one of the organizers of the movement.  While I have my doubts about his claim, the reality is irrelevant.  Perception, as they say, is reality, and there wasn’t anyone in that meeting hall who thought Hann was an innocent bystander in this “draft” nonsense.

But the problem here goes beyond a simple amateurish and tin-eared political maneuver.

Hann was just elected by his peers to be the face of the Senate for the next two years.  With this position comes guaranteed media attention.  That attention should be focused on the message of the Republican Party and countering the DFL narrative, not on promoting David Hann’s personal ambitions.

While Hann allows this “draft” to continue, the media, who revel in speculation and horse races, will continue to make Hann’s ambitions the story.  Every move Hann makes will be seen through that lens.  Every press mention will include the phrase “potential candidate for governor” serving as a subtle little reminder that his motives are tainted with the prospect of personal gain.

And every word written about Hann the potential governor is a distraction from the type of disciplined messaging we desperately need.

If David Hann wants to run for Governor, he should declare now and step down as Minority Leader.  If he wants to be the Minority Leader, then he needs to quash this draft movement and get to the work of being a Minority Leader.  I don’t much care what he chooses, but he can’t do both.