Friday, January 11, 2013

It Should Go Without Saying...

It pains me to have to explain this, but it seems like it’s become necessary…

I covered how the terms “Builder” and “Destroyer” relate to Ron Paul and the “Liberty Movement” here a few months back.  The whole point of introducing these terms was to clarify an ongoing struggle within the MNGOP by using terms that were a bit more accurate.

The confusion comes in because there is significant overlap between Ron Paul supporters and Destroyers.  But not all Ron Paul people are Destroyers.  And not all Destroyers are Ron Paul people.

A Builder is a Republican who believes in building and strengthening the party. We believe in a “big tent”, varied ideas, and a place at the table for anyone who wants to work.  And mostly, we believe in winning elections, not arguments, because losing on principle is still losing. I work with Builders who happen to be Ron Paul supporters every day.

So it should go without saying that whatever is going on over on Facebook, isn’t exactly in line with the Builder philosophy.
But apparently some, including Mr. Corey Sax, were taken in by somebody’s attempt at satire (or whatever that page is) and thought this Facebook page was real, and that True North Webmistress Extraordinaire (and my fellow CD5 exile) Nancy LaRoche was the evil perpetrator behind it.

So, here we are, at the point where I feel compelled to state for the record that neither Nancy, nor I, nor any other “Builder” thought that the best way to build a broad coalition of people to work together to win elections was to create an anonymous Facebook page.


As an aside, if you’re interested in a laugh, read the blog post where Sax seems to blame Nancy for everything from the Offending Facebook Page, to the Marriage Amendment, the Vikings Stadium, and the overall current state of the GOP.  If you’ve ever met Nancy, you’ll get a kick out of it.

Then if you still need a laugh, check out the comments on the Facebook page.  My personal favorite is the one where Marianne Stebbins talks about "language fingerprints."