Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Know What Keith Ellison is All About

Yesterday, I covered Keith Ellison’s bizarre claim that he “knows what I’m all about”. Today, I thought we could take a look at what Keith Ellison is all about

Although there is plenty of source material out there, I’m going to stick to the 4-Part Series that was published in the City Pages last week.  I will note before we start that Keith’s words had to be paraphrased by City Pages reporter Aaron Rupar, in order to, you know, make his “logical flow” clearer to the readers.

So right away, we can tell that Keith is not all about a clear logical flow.  But luckily he has the media to cover for him on that one.  (If you follow Keith closely, you already knew that Keith has some logical flow issues, as documented here by Brett Stevens)

Now, back to the articles.

Part one focuses on Keith’s thoughts about Chris Fields.  And Cheerios.

Keith starts by claiming that he doesn’t think his seat is safe. 

I believe it’s disrespectful to the electorate to act as though you’ve got it in the bag.

That’s what Keith says to the media.  However, when his staff is unaware they are being recorded, they tell a different story.

Keith Ellison is all about telling people what they want to hear.

Next we move on to North Minneapolis, where Keith claims to live.

I started my political career representing north Minneapolis in the state Legislature. I’ve dedicated my life to north Minneapolis, but north Minneapolis had deep systemic problems in 1930.

Have you looked at a zoning map [from then]? It identifies north Minneapolis as a ‘negro slum.’

OK.  North Minneapolis had deep systemic problems in 1930.  It also has deep systemic problems now, like nation-leading gaps in education and unemployment.  But Keith never mentions these issues.  Instead he talks about maps from 1930.

Keith Ellison is all about living in the past- not finding solutions for the future.

Part 1 ends with the claim that “nothing Chris Fields says” bothers Keith, which is then contradicted in the next breath.

I have to admit, nothing Chris Fields says bothers me, but it does get under my skin when he starts saying I haven’t done anything for the North Side.

Keith then goes on to explain, for several paragraphs, how not bothered he is by Chris Fields.

Keith Ellison is all about having thin skin.

Part 2 starts off by asking Keith to respond to Chris Field’s criticism that he isn’t focused on the problems in North Minneapolis. 

In response, Keith talks about transit.

One thing, we need to invest in transit, so we can help job seekers get to places where there are jobs. I’m a big-time supporter of Bottineau Commuter Rail, the Southwest Line, Northstar Commuter Rail — I’ve funded and worked hard to get Central Corridor, which should be up by 2014, and of course the Hiawatha Line happened while I was still in the legislature. Transit is big —[it] puts people to work, gives minority vendors jobs to work on, and after it’s built, helps people get jobs.

Hear that North Side?  That’s the sound of the train that will solve all of your problems.  Choo-choo!

On education- the solution is all day schooling.

About the achievement gap — well, what if we had universal all-day pre-K and kindergarten and made sure every kid was reading by 3rd grade.

Yes, our schools are failing.  It’s probably because we don’t spend enough.

Keith Ellison is all about tired old ideas and spending more money.

Now, on to Part 3

This portion of the interview focuses on Keith’s role as an “Islam spokesman of sorts.” It’s also where Rupar’s efforts to channel Keith’s logical flow run off the rails, because the first few paragraphs are pure gibberish.  The rest doesn’t get much better.

I think Keith says that Don Imus, Nazis in Skokie, burning Korans, and YouTube videos are all the same, or something.  He ends with this bit of wisdom:

The thing about it, freedom of speech, it’s a good and bad thing. It applies to everybody.

Keith Ellison is all about… actually, I’m not really sure.

Part 4 and we’re thankfully almost done.  This one’s called “Keith Ellison on his vision for America”.

He starts with one if his favorite topics- evil rich people:

I’d like to see progressive ideals have a more prominent role in our society, and what I mean by that is I’d like to see millionaires take the attitude that, ‘Hey, this is my country. I’m going to give back to my country through taxes and other ways, charitable giving.’ I’d like to see us invest in the public wealth of our nation.

Anyone know what “investing in the public wealth of our nation” means?

On his “governing philosophy”:

We have a governing philosophy — the politics of generosity and inclusion. Everybody counts, everybody matters. You won’t see ‘Vote for Ellison’ on any of my bumper stickers.

And the whole thing ends with Keith’s four priorities:

  1. Don’t get messed up in “crazy wars”

  2. Invest in trains

  3. Live in harmony with the world

  4. Do all of the above for the following groups: “black, white, Latino, Asian, gay, straight, born here or abroad, Muslim, Jew, Christian or no faith at all”

Keith Ellison is all about embracing everyone! 

Unless you disagree with him.  That gets you blocked on Twitter.