Monday, September 10, 2012

The Builders vs. The Destroyers and how They Relate to Ron Paul

As the fight about the future of the Republican Party goes on, it’s important to clearly identify the sides.  Some people, including myself at times, have been guilty of using “Ron Paul Supporter” (or derisive variants) as shorthand for the cancerous and destructive element within our party.

That’s not entirely accurate.  The battle, as Nancy LaRoche so eloquently put it the other day, is between the Builders and the Destroyers.  The confusion comes in because there is significant overlap between Ron Paul supporters and Destroyers.  But not all Ron Paul people are Destroyers.  And not all Destroyers are Ron Paul people.

A Builder is a Republican who believes in building and strengthening the party. We believe in a “big tent”, varied ideas, and a place at the table for anyone who wants to work.  And mostly, we believe in winning elections, not arguments, because losing on principle is still losing. I work with Builders who happen to be Ron Paul supporters every day.

A Destroyer is the type that allows a district’s website to go dark while they are off at Paul-Fest.  A Destroyer repeatedly trashes their party’s presidential nominee on TV or through press releases.  A Destroyer will say stupid things like “There’s no difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I’m voting for Gary Johnson”.

When you’re 60 days out from an election, you’ll find Destroyers at bars droning on about Austrian Economics and RNC rule changes.  That’s when they aren’t playing the part of the Media’s new favorite Republican.

You’ll find Builders in offices making phone calls or on the streets doing lit drops and door knocking.  Builders don’t care about titles.  They understand that the same work needs to be done whether they have a title or not.

Early next year we’ll gather to elect new Leadership for many levels of the Republican Party.  Right now the Destroyers are working on the next phase of their destruction and getting organized.  They are unencumbered by any sense of responsibility, and are taking advantage of the fact that the Builders are distracted by winning elections.

If you are a Republican delegate you need to look around you right now and start identifying Builders and Destroyers. Come November 7, we have a lot more work to do.