Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Waited 26 Days for This?

If you’ve been following the farcical saga* that is the CD5 Republican Committee, you know that the CD5 “leaders” chose to allow their website to go dark a few months before the election.  They did this by failing to pay the bill.  The entire thing could have been resolved for around a hundred bucks, but it wasn’t.

The site was dark for 26 days.  It came back up today, sort of.  (If you go to the old url you get an error.  If you add the “www” you get the site.)

So what did we get after 26 days of darkness?  A free google blog.  And what’s posted on that google blog?

A 1700+ word harangue that touches on Federalist #10, the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, and, of course, the RNC Rules change. 

In fairness, we also get a whopping 37 words encouraging people to support CD5’s endorsed Republican candidate, Chris Fields.

CD5 is almost exclusively run by Destroyers.  In fact, they added a few more to their Executive Committee last Thursday.  Take a good look at CD5, because it is also the future of our State Party, if the Builders do nothing.

Along with many others, I have been confused at the effort of the Destroyers to take leadership positions, and then do nothing with them.  Why get elected to be in CD leadership if you don’t believe there is a role for the CD organization to play in the election?

The answer, I believe, is in this key paragraph from CD5 Deputy Chair, and SD61 Chair Mark Johnson:

Serious questions need to be answered: Does the CD5 organization continue to host caucuses, conduct conventions, and elect delegates? Do we really spend all that time and effort just to send stooges bound to the results of a purely democratic popular vote?

And there it is.  It’s all about Tampa.  Or more specifically, the National Delegate process.

Builders naively think that a CD-level organization exists to support a Congressional Candidate, and to coordinate the BPOUs in an area, so that Republicans, all Republicans, can win more races.  But for the Destroyers, it’s all about the national delegates.  Because, Ron Paul.

I encourage you to go read Mark’s whole post, because it is very enlightening to gain the Destroyer perspective.  (I especially like the part where he calls for revolution!)

On another note, I have heard that some of the Destroyers are not too happy with the term “Destroyer” being used to describe them.  I’ll concede it may not be the best term. 

But we have seen a group abdicate their duty to fundraise, organize, support candidates, and even hold meetings.  They leave money in the bank for post-election parties, liberty festivals, or mythical FEC fines instead of investing in victory.  So we’re left with two options.  1) They are incredibly incompetent, or 2) they are taking deliberate action to harm the Party.

Either way, the result is the same. 

I suppose if they’d rather be called “The Incompetents” I’d oblige.

We’re less than 1000 hours from Election Day.  It’s past “all hands on deck” time.  Action wins elections.  Talk wins arguments.

Work as hard as you can for your candidates, because you are also picking up the slack for AWOL leadership.  No, it’s not fair, but it’s reality. 

While you’re working, take note of who is with you.  Those are the Builders.  Remember who they are, because we’ll need them starting November 7.

*If you haven’t been following along, get your background here, here, and here.